Doujin DragonBallSuper – Bulma is hard fucked by Beerus

DragonBallSuper Beerus and Bulma fuck together in Doujin

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Beerus is the god of desctruction, he sleep during a long time and seen nobody during this time ! Just after his awakening, he go to see Sangoku and fight with him. But he defeat him ! Right after that he meet bulma, the problem is we only see the slap scene ! But there was so much more ! Guys ! Seriously ! If you was asleep during so many years, don’t you be sex starving ? Also he his the god of destruction ! But, he have to keep his reputation clean ! That is why he destroy bulma’s pussy ! But be lucid, she wants it also ! She start to show their big boobs and stroke his cock, then she licked it and did a titjob !

The things were already done ! Beerus licked her pussy but that was not really what he want ! He show her his big and horny cock and put it in her mouth in a surprise deepthroat, then she give an amazing blowjob ! Beerus start to being crazy ! Then he start to fuck her pussy gently to make her confident and he finally give a huge deep-dicking ! He start to bang her so hard that she loose her mind ! But he is not done yet ! He put her on all four and enjoy the way he fuck her ! Bulma can stand and start to scream ! Beerus loose his mind ! He is ready to cum ! Then he finally release a huge cumshot inside her pussy ! But vegeta was not far and heard all about this … He is nervous, because he also wants to fuck !

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