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Doujin is like a casual manga, but here, characters are doing some bad stuff ! I mean they are totaly have sex together ! That is more real, this is like a manga in uncut version ! Also this the best way to make your fantasm real ! If you were watching the last One piece episode and Nami was sexy as fuck, you feel horny by watching their boobs >bounce, well come here and see how they really bounce ! Without cloth, just Nami all naked with one or two guys. She will start to stroke the cock and put it in her mouth, then between their boobs, but it will not be stopped here ! The guy will bang her pussy hard, if there is more than guy, oh god ! She will take it so hard ! A cock in her pussy and an other one in her ass or in her mouth, why not both ! I mean, she is a real slut ! She enjoy when there is a lot of everything ! Cock is a possibility ! The difference between doujin and anime, is doujin is longer to read and make the feeling grow slowly !

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