Kingdom Hearts 2

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Kingdom hearts 2 is a mix between Square Enix and Disney ! Then a it’s like a Final Fantasy XV mixing with Disney ! And we like it a lot, it is not really like that, but imagine, there is a scene where Cindy Aurum or Cidney Aurum is fucked by Mickey Mouse or Goofy ! Hentai magic ahahah ! Anyway, in Kingdom hearts 2 you will have a Keyblade, it will help you open worlds ! It is a metaphore, keyblade is in fact your dick, and the door is girls panties ! Introduce your cock in their hole to discover a new and magical world called sex ! Once it’s open you can be fucked by many characters ! Like Mulan, Jasmine, Tifa, Cindy Aurum and many more !

They will suck your cock hardly and you can fuck their pussy and ass in anal sex ! It’s a secret but Cindy Aurum favourite position is 69 ! Also, if you like tentacles and monsters, you will be served !

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